How it Works

We will make and deliver your personalised mirror in 5 easy steps…

1. Making your mirror

Decide how you want your picture to look on the mirror.

2. Upload your picture

Select a high quality picture of your pet and send it to us.

Tip: for best results your picture should be:

Sharp & at least 12 megapixels

Taken in good sunlight

3. Editing your picture

Your picture will be professionally edited removing the background to leave just your pet.

Tip: Use a simple background

4. Printing your mirror

Using high quality print techniques the image of your pet is printed permanently onto the mirror.

5. Framing and packaging

Your mirror will be framed using your colour choice, carefully packed and despatched within 14-21 days.

Please note:

  • Mounting – Our mirrors are designed for wall hanging and are not free standing.
  • Care – You are purchasing an artwork, and your mirror should be treated as such, with only an occasional light dusting.
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